Monday, June 13, 2016

Feeling feelings ...

I have been feeling feelings again ... Where I had lived decades numbed to it all
They joy,the sadness ,fear, happiness , and most of all a respect for myself...
Despair has fled and been replaced with hope. I choose to let the past remain it no longer serves a purpose in my life I took from it what I needed and disgaurd the rest. It's funny how I can cry again
Tears of joy now mostly a true gratefulness of what my life has become.
The growth and forward direction makes me Smile. The amazing connections that being shared and the bonds that are being reinforcered makes me sigh. My girls have a role model worthy of looking up to.. It's good to feel again thank you for being a friend,a lover and my partner through all of this - I am humbled by your love ...jmg☀️

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