Friday, January 29, 2016

Room with a view ...

All she knew...

All she knew is that she loved him,loved waking up to him,loved laying in his strong gentle arms,loved the way he kissed her forehead 3 times in a row,loved when he brushed her hair off her face,loved the way he interlaced his fingers with hers when they made love. . . But most of all she loved the way he loved her《♡》

Monday, January 18, 2016

In the missing...

Its funny how he never let her go. She was gone but her ghost filled the room. Almost palpable,the scent of her filled the air,he saw her in the fading light ,heard her laughter as if she were in the other room.
She never forgot him...His love permeated her was part of who she was. Things like this never die only live on in the heart. 
The feeling of being sick at the thought of the loss. ..the no more ,the idea i will never feel your arms around me again slightly takes a toll ,day by day like a scar that fades over time but you can still remember the pain of how you got it. ...jmg《♡》

Monday, January 4, 2016


I often Whisper my thoughts hoping you would catch them...
Whispered words of Love ,Whispered words of Fear
The Progression of things terrifies me .
Unlearn the bad, Re-Learn the Good
Trust the Trust Worthy...Forget the ones that broke Our Trust.
Accept the Positive, Decidedly decline the negative.
Remember what its like to Love openly without reservation,
Loving someone right and Whole Heartedly will hurt if done with all we have,
But the Hurt to Love ratio will be overwhelmingly on the side of Love its a win - win situation ...
I open myself to Love , I open myself to Positivity, I open myself to all things Good, Right & True...jmg

Without Pain,

 How will we know True Joy...?

It is a privilege to suffer for the things we love...

What if...

What if I decided I was going to stay ?
What if I decided I was going to go?
Would it  all be the same to you either way?
Would Stars still have meaning ?
Would Ocean still exist?
Would Sun still warm your face?
Would the Moon glow as bright?
Would Honey on your lips still taste as sweet?
Would a Flower be as beautiful?
Or is there no difference either way...?
or does it matter?


Did you ever wonder if you could win her...?
If you could be the One to capture her heart...?
Be the Person she reveals her fears and hurts...?
Do you care enough to care enough...?
I don't believe in living in the past yet there is something to be said from the lack concern ...or at least how I see it from my perspective.
I never ask for much.
I only hope for consideration.
I sometimes feel like "filler" temporary status to a full time "issue"
insert girl here  I just filler?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sea n Me...

Take me to the Sea ,You and Me Hand in Hand, Waves on Sand, Ebe and Flow, Come and Go, Sun and Light ,Lovers Plight... High then Low...Undertow Pulled beneath, Waves of deep, Oceans darkness secrets keep...jmg

Remnants of Things...

I find myself having to purge the remnants of feelings that hit me hard. The feeling of loneliness has me missing my roots. I have never ha...