Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ah Haa Moment...

I just had thee ah moment I needed. I get very distant when I feel good & too happy. Silly I know when I read the words “too happy” .It just clicked that my children are affected with the same mindset.
I realized after living with a very toxic,abusive,bipolar person that in the brief moments when things were good they would rapidly decline into utter chaos. Duh no wonder why I expect the worst to happen when I’m feeling happy because that is how I was hardwired while I was in the “relationship”.
It’s a hard battle changing my expectation but I understand it now. Every day I am learning things about why I behave the way I do. I’m grateful for the Process of being able to finally heal properly in my time,in my own understanding. Everyday I heal a little more & everyday I appreciate where I am...JMG🌻🖤

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Remnants of Things...

I find myself having to purge the remnants of feelings that hit me hard.
The feeling of loneliness has me missing my roots. I have never had close friends until adulthood when I connected with a few people. I lost a best friend first to an uncomfortable situation then finally to death. So in part I concluded that is part of the missing. Being connected to people is very hard for me to do. When I finally do losing contact will hit me hard at the most untelling times.
My siblings in truth have been my only true friends and I’m missing them too. I need to reconnect for   fear I might not be afforded the time again...back to my roots , back to my truth...JMG

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cuz Sometimes...

Sometimes I feel panic set in as I think about the future. I know there is not even a guarantee of such thing. The Big however is , if I am afforded the blessing of a long life who and what can I depend on?
I would like to believe the relationship I’m in will hold a future. My problem is expecting something is a sure recipe that you will be disappointed. So I expect nothing,hope for best, enjoy the Nowness of it all.
However my life turns out is an uncertain thing. I’m content in that because fear will cripple me if I overthink the worst case scenario. I’ve been through worse things and have always been ok. I trust the Universe. I’ve learned to trust myself and I will carry on even in the uncertainty of it all...jmg

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Beauty and Pain

I find when I see a man wearing a wedding ring it’s  the most beautiful and sad thing ever. Reason being old hurts still find me I was never valued enough to have a ring worn for me. I know it should be long dead in terms of pain yet I still get affected on occasion. I ask why i still give it relevance? I suppose because I did everything in my power to be a good wife and received no acknowledgment or respect.
I understand it was not my fault it was the of a cruel individual.
I had to get it out there to release it and be done with it. I don’t need validation any longer from anyone.I don’t need a man to wear my ring, because I control my worth...🖤 JMG

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Where do we go from here? How do I lose this fear? How do I say goodbye ,when I couldn’t even cry? How do I carry on now that you are gone? If I could have told the last thing that was on my mind, it would been that I always enjoyed our time. Our connection was something real that I can’t deny, although the way we saw it we couldn’t meet eye to eye. I’m sorry there was no finality to such a tragic end , the sad truth is my karma of a wound that has no healing mend. A friend before the fall. Kiss to end it all . A deception which I kept,til truth did find its breath. A friend was what you were nothing more than that, I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you wanted back. Now that death has taken one of my best friends,it’s sad to see our story meet this heart breaking end... Good Bye  🖤

Friday, March 16, 2018


I feel invisible,unseen,unheard,unwanted.... I’m trying to put words to my pain but I can not.
Hurt me with truth and NEVER comfort me with a lie. I am able to embrace pain at its highest level and survive. I’m no stranger to it. On my darkest days it was all I had to hold on to , as it was the only emotion I was experiencing. It’s hard to live when you aren’t sure if they want your love. It’s an awful thing to feel invisible...jmg

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hey little Fighter...🖤

Hey little fighter it’s okay to love. Let down your fists and accept a hug . It doesn’t make you weak for being in love. You have fought your whole life. Isn’t it time for peace not strife? You never got to be an innocent child and that’s not your fault. You never got to be a loved wife and that too was not your doing. Now is your time to love yourself as nobody can give you that. You are valuable, you are worthy,you are not garbage to be cast aside. YOU ARE DESERVING!!! You  everything good,you are kind,considerate, you make a difference....I AM ...🌻 I DO...JMG

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Do you...?

Do you know me heart and soul ? Do you know me part or whole?  Do you know My loves and fears? Do you know my smiles and tears? Do you know my hopes and dreams? Do you hear my silent screams?  The thing is.... I don’t need anyone to Know me, because I know myself. I used to be think  I needed someone to know all of these things about me. The reality is, I’m good . For myself and by myself...jmg

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Thoughts become things... what we think we become, what we become is all a matter of us. I lost 2 1/2 decades of time, Yet the self knowledge I gained is immeasurable.I spent too much time allowing others affect  how and what I thought about myself. I now know that I am Worthy, I am worth it, I deserve it  and now I accept it.  It’s funny how happiness has been gift wrapped, with the most beautiful wrapping paper and the most amazing bow on top of it. I just look at it and  say isn’t that pretty . I have been refusing to  Open the gift because I have been afraid that the second I do somebody will take it from me. Today I unwrapped the gift and realize no one can take my happiness. Because that gift wasn’t given to me from anyone ,  it was paid for through my lessons, my experiences, and my own self acceptance and  Nobody can take away the thing to which I have given to myself ...Better thoughts ,better things ,better life-...JMG🌻

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Temporary ...

 Everything is temporary, I am temporary, you are temporary, we are temporary.
I have no expectation of today much less tomorrow. I will choose to live in the now moments.
I know there is no promise of tomorrow. I  do not put my hope in anyone.  Because the truth is we are human and we will all  disappoint one another. I appreciate everything that is in my life. Yet I know too  it will be gone one day. My future is the one thing ive always had trouble envisioning and I still  honestly can’t picture it.  To be brutally honest I prefer no expectation, it leaves me with no disappointment. You are you, I am Me....and we are just We.🖤JMG

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Everything in life comes in two’s love and hate,hope and fear,pleasure and pain,happy and sad,
Hot and cold,beginning and end,light and dark,you and me... the best thing is life is when you experience the bettter after having the worst. I am the always optimist and I know things will always even themselves out.  Good things always come after the bad. I look forward to all the positive possibilities...JMG🖤

Ah Haa Moment...

I just had thee ah moment I needed. I get very distant when I feel good & too happy. Silly I know when I read the words “too happy” .It ...