Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cry for Help-

She  cried help in the night. Nobody heard but her. She realized that no one could save Her but Herself.
So She got a little angry because sometimes you have to be a little angry to put fire in your gut to give you "your Brave". In some form the anger stayed because it worked She liked the fight in Her. It made her strong. She liked Her loud voice it was Her confidence. She liked Her tenacity it was Her strength. She liked Her compassion it was Her Heart... She liked Herself  because despite all Her secrets She was an open book to those who chose to read Her...☀JMG☀

Monday, December 26, 2016


Feeling very dispensable, unsettled , and agitated not with anyone really just in an emotional state that  feels all too familiar. My first instinct is to shut down I'm really trying to make an effort to stay verbal and connected . Feels like I'm living with ghosts of Exes past and it's not a good vibe.
Maybe this is part of my growth they say nothing ever leaves us until it teaches us the lesson we need to learn from it...well fuck I should have a god damned Phd in heartbreak and pain by now.
I understand my worth but sometimes I allow myself to be jaded and my mind to be clouded with ghosts.and whispers in the dark of what used to be. I can overcome this but I just needed to get it out....for nobody in particular but for me JMG🗝

Season of Purpose...

I believe every season serves its purpose. Winters harshness that stings our skin with its bitter bite gives way to the Mild Beauty of Spring which gently welcomes us to the warmth of the Sun again , life slowly blooming into the rich Fullness of Summer with all of its welcoming Rays that in turn  brings such life to our bones you almost forever forget the winter of our discontent. Fall will come to us again with warm winds that will turn cold soon enough to remind us it's a circle Life,Death ,Love ,Loss , New ,Old, Happy , Sad , Good Bad everything has a season and always gives way to another...☀JMG❄

Friday, December 23, 2016

Survived not just to tell her tale...

She survived not just to tell her tale She survived to live her Dream. All the cold painful nights filled with tears and bruises led way to Her finding her fight. She is brave , She is kind , She is funny but most of all She is Gentle yet Strong. She has learned to Smile at Herself in the mirror and appreciate what She sees. Behind Her eyes there are a million stories to tell of how She became the Hero of Her own story. How the end wasn't really the end but just an amazing twist of sequences and self  actualization. She is content with who She has allowed Herself be and where She allows Herself to be... She lives and no longer just exists ☀jmg☀

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Memories...

There was a slurry of memories bouncing around in her mind.
Some so beautiful she would always appreciate and defer to them when she was sad. 
She replayed them like a movie in her head. Lead characters, Scenes so well written you knew exactly where the story was going... or so you thought but the change in the tone was so subtle you didn't see it coming. 
You thought for sure you knew how the story would end. Well it wasn't anything you could have guessed. Her happily ever after wasn't what you thought or even with who was written in. The change in lead character left you speechless and even happy. The tragic romance was turned into a sort of romantic comedy a contrast of ending... those are the best endings. Being caught off guard in the best of ways...jmg🎥

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wish to Reality...

Remember the day you wished for this ? She asked herself and She recalled the moment. She thought what a wonderful thought but her heart almost broke thinking it would never be. It's a powerful thing to have the fruition of a Dream. Now the thought of more ,envision the rest of your dreams, what's stopping you ? The question was pondered...Me she said to herself. Make all the aspersions a truth a reality.
The only one standing in your way is the one staring back at you in mirror.
Why are you afraid to be truly happy ? What do you fear ? Is living partly happy all you want for yourself?    No...  I want to live a satisfied , purpose and completely fulfilled life.
So J- stop waiting and finish what you've started you're on the right track...jmg🌻 

Remnants of Things...

I find myself having to purge the remnants of feelings that hit me hard. The feeling of loneliness has me missing my roots. I have never ha...