Monday, January 4, 2016


I often Whisper my thoughts hoping you would catch them...
Whispered words of Love ,Whispered words of Fear
The Progression of things terrifies me .
Unlearn the bad, Re-Learn the Good
Trust the Trust Worthy...Forget the ones that broke Our Trust.
Accept the Positive, Decidedly decline the negative.
Remember what its like to Love openly without reservation,
Loving someone right and Whole Heartedly will hurt if done with all we have,
But the Hurt to Love ratio will be overwhelmingly on the side of Love its a win - win situation ...
I open myself to Love , I open myself to Positivity, I open myself to all things Good, Right & True...jmg

Without Pain,

 How will we know True Joy...?

It is a privilege to suffer for the things we love...

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