Thursday, April 6, 2017


She remembers the time when her life was so miserable all she wanted was someone to rescue her.
And then. It came to her , nobody was going to rescue her. It wa her job to be the one to save herself. "Go where you're celebrated not tolerated " I was always told that I was lucky that someone tolerated me ...  It took a series of events and painful truths told to me by friends to finally make me move my feet. I had to decide that I was worthy of a good life. I deserve good things, I owe myself the hope of a happy future. I will continue to convince myself and to be my very best to live it every single day...JMG

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I feel invisible,unseen,unheard,unwanted.... I’m trying to put words to my pain but I can not. Hurt me with truth and NEVER comfort me with...