Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lover and a Fighter....

I have always lived as fighter, fists up ,chin down always ready for the first blow and ready with my counter. Sadly an unfortunate series of events had put me into that mode from a very young age. It's not right it's not wrong but is no longer necessary, it held a purpose during a period when I needed to self preserve My life now holds different circumstances. No need to be ready for first strike which now I can let down my defense. Don't get me wrong I will always be diligent not to put myself in harms way. Sometimes there is pain when we love and that is completely different. I will allow love in even if one day it might hurt me...pray for the best but be prepared if the situation changes. I choose to love,trust,and fight only for those I love including myself...I love me and that's the best thing I can do for myself...JMG❤️️🌻❤️️

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