Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Story of a girl...

There was this story of a girl... Who did nothing to deserve the hand she was dealt. It was for anyone to suffer what she suffered there was nothing special that set her apart to exempt her from such things. It was in the way she handled it that made her different. On the side of caution and self preservation she turned hard and cold ... She had always been a fighter because it was what was necessary , weakness was never an option. Under the guise of strength ,she lost all of her softness all of her sweetness ,all of her innocence... Some could never be recovered others had to relearned ,the process is long and difficult yet it's a change she chose to undertake. Learning to love who she is ,is the most challenging of all. Integrity had eluded her because of her choices but "no more" she said . You are better than what you're living ,you are worthy of a better life, you deserve to love and be loved ... Do what you say,live what you preach and show respect for those you care for ...because if you change nothing -nothing will change ...jmg☀️

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