Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Home.. 《♡》

This ...feels like home.Comfortable ,Calm,&  Complete.
A place I can see myself for many years to come. A place I choose to be. Happy and  healthy this is something I thought for sure would elude me . Funny how we all start off as strangers some remain strangers ,Others are engrained into Our Souls never to be removed. You are unforgettable. Certain aspects of my life have been tragic Most are so amazingly Beautiful  --- I am in a Calm period of my life. The demons of the past are  slayed and what remains is The Real Jennie. We will all have baggage the choice however ever is to choose to lug it all around with you, Or to drop it off at the door step of the person who has given it to you...I have unpacked my bags taken ownership of what I owned and have given back what does not belong to me...Living Happy Living Healthy and loving everyday ...JMG*11*

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